Prishtina of Bust

Good Morning,

The trip here went as smooth as it could. Stayed the 1st night in Skopje Macedonia, got a chance to visit Balkan sunflowers Headquarters there and see what they are up to. The 70-80 kilometer trip from Skopje to Prishtina took 4 hours, not bad compared to the horror stories of 6-8 hours. Imagine a 2 lane road trying to be 3 1/2 lanes! Tractor trailers lined up on both sides of the border for miles waiting to get inspected. Weather yesterday was a balmy Global warming 55-60 degrees! 5 minutes after I got to the apartment in Prishtina the electricity came on. Someone must have known I was coming! So far I have visited our sister school, delivered the photo album and nicnacs. Very happy to see me. I will take pictures for ETC.

During the rest of the week. I was hoping to get to Vushtrri today but doubt that it will happen. I will try tomorrow. My friend/ contact Xheri was delayed in Zurich because of fog in Skopje, hopefully she will be here today. If you haven’t noticed yet I will point out that I had to use a different e-mail server. You can mail me messages there but please keep it to a minimum. Hotmail is not connecting. Everything here takes 3 times as long as normal. Patience Jonathan, Yea right!

Anyway I do not have my entire e-mail addressee with me so this is going out to ETC and Sharon at MRG. Sharon could you hook up with Chris and Mandy and start the e-mail tree again for me? Just forward this to them. Need to get this message to Rev. Ed Delong in Northfield somehow. Hopefully tomorrow I can log onto my Hotmail account and get this off to everyone at once. Kathy F. could you please send this to Dick Flies as well, most everyone else can wait till I hook up to Hotmail acct. I have to keep this brief for now, just wanted to let you know that all is well and really pleased with the way things have unfolded. Still need to get going on my main project but I have learned that everything falls in place if you don’t push to hard. Hope that’s true with this as well. Say hello to the kids for me and tell them to help pick up the slack and have a Clean Kitchen to greet me when I get back. Please pardon my typing skills or the lack of them. If I get busy just wanted to wish you all a happy Holiday.

Gotta go…. Jonathan