Finally Online

Family & Friends,

This will probably be the last e-mail for the near future as at this time the communication in Kosova is not that good. Hopefully that will change and I can get word back to you. I am headed for Prishtina on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully a W.F.P. World Food Program from Tirana to Prishtina, and if not by flight, then by minibus. There are 6 of us who will then split up into groups of 2 and proceed to Sunflower stations in Prishtina, Peja and Gjakova. I will stay in Prishtina at first, 3 weeks is a long time so who knows. I may head to Mitrovica where it is a hot spot between Serbs and Kosovars to see what is happening there. If you are worried about my safety, don’t be. Reports are that it is safer is Kosova than here in Tirana. There is food to buy, beer to drink and smokes to smoke, no I have not quit! Can you blame me? The time spent in Tirana has been rewarding there is truly a need for more of what we are doing right here and now. Still I need to get a more accurate idea of the need in Kosova for both you and me. Our mission is to set up safe areas for children to play so that the family can work and the children are not playing with land mines. It seems like every land mine team on the planet is headed for Kosova. It’s good to see that everyone wants a piece of the action. This week I have attended a UNHCR meeting, a UNICEF child safe area meeting and a land mine awareness meeting. I also have spent time in a refugee camp as well as the orphanage across the street from the U.S. Embassy. They know I am here. I have a lot to do before I go can’t wait really, this is why I came. If all goes well I will get my playground set up! Please remember that it is my choice and desire to go and I will be OK.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and keep the e-mail coming, and pass this message on to friends and family of mine. The only other one would be the Northfield News. Please excuse any misspellings as I am in a hurry.

Thank you for your support and love.